James “Cole” Reeves: Bass and Vocals

My interest in music began at age nine immediately after seeing Elvis in the movie Blue Hawaii. Convinced my mum to buy the the album soundtrack, “It would be a great addition to your Perry Como, Pat Boone and Glen Miller collection”. Interest turned to obsession in February 1964, when the Beatles performed on the Ed Sullivan Show. Played in numerous garage/basement bands from the 7th grade through graduation.  Performed professionally (full time) drove a Taxi (part time) from the early seventies thru the mid eighties when full time turned to part time immediately after my daughter was born. There were years when my only instruments were one acoustic guitar, and a old Fender bass. However the passion for playing music continues, and fortunately seems to be terminal. Btw, I still consider “The Beatles” the greatest band on the planet.

Previous projects include Demo, Fantasy, Radio Child, The Rhythm Junkies, The Acoustic Eels, and Jambrugo.