we want to thank everyone who came out to Nissi’s Sunday night and made for a memorable evening!  We had a great time, and as usual the Nissis staff and crew were the best.  we got some excellent live recordings as well, and hope to have some of those up here and on the souncloud page as well very soon.  Next up?  Anderson Farms, the 19th and 20th, 2 till 5, weather permitting.

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We’re making steady progress on the CD.  2 tracks, Including the new track, plus a live one from Parrot’s, are up on the soundcloud page.   Some airplay is being generated at Wayhigh radio by Kodiak, usually on Monday nights-and HE has a copy of the final mastered mix of the title track, which isn’t available anywhere else!  Good Girl’s Need Bad Boys is moving along as we can see some progress really taking shape on the project.  Keep an eye out here for an early glimpse of the artwork!