So our most recent Facebook ad, for the 2/15 Parrott’s show, was temporarily pulled by Facebook because Melissa was apparently just a little too sexy for the masses.  after some back and forth we got a supervisor to review it and ok it, but we had to repost.  So we have now been banned for sex appeal!

So the CD will be called Sherman’s Toothpicks.  We have a number of original songs by all members of the band that  we think are cohesive enough to act as a collection.  Now of course we have to get them recorded-which we decided to do in the basement with our own gear to remove budget constraints.  This should allow us to achieve a better representation of what we are trying to accomplish instead of just going into a studio and hashing out our stage set.  Currently only one cover is on the list, and even that is an original by a friend who allowed us to use it.  Melissa has a vision for artwork, John will produce and engineer.  initial tracks on some songs are complete, but much remains to be done and many are just guitar and vocal scratches.  Our original release target of Christmas is by the boards, so now we are looking at spring.  maybe.  follow the blog to keep updated…

And so it begins-Rehearsals began in October of 2016, and by November we knew we had something.  A couple of dry runs to iron out the kinks at the Firestone American Legion (Thanks guys!) and we are ready for our first real gig at Parrot’s on February 3rd.  Hoping for a good crowd!