Corona Corona

Hideeho Melmotians!  How’s your quarantine going?  Good we hope!  While we did lose our spring shows, I’m sure they’ll be rebooked and we’ll be seeing you on the other side of all this.  Our hope is that isn’t too far off, but we shall see.  We’re doing mixing and steel parts right now, and as things loosen up we’ll get this CD on track, maybe even have some roughs for everyone to sample before too long.

Before this came down Melissa and I had been planning to get more aggressive about streaming some stuff from rehearsals and actually doing the occasional online show, since a LOT of our followers are around the country and even international.  Since we are an unlikely tour option, streaming seems to be a good way to go.  We’d like that to be a full on experience tho, so to that end some upgraded camera and streaming sound gear are en route to the studio.  We’re all on iso lockdown, so we cant do anything right now, but I’ll be testing the gear on occasion, especially for sound, and you may see me popping up live from time to time doing just that. If you see it, pop in and give the sound a listen, let us know how it sounds with an emoji.  We are all really concerned about the audio part of this, we want it to sound as good as possible.  We’ll be assisted in that by our permanent sound wizard Tony Robledo, and others will be consulting as well-Can’t spill that yet though.  But we want to have some things going on where we can reach ALL our fans at times, and the online show seems to be the answer.  Locally of course we’ll still be at our usual haunts, and hopefully some new ones.

Overall, while the early part of this year has been something of a shitshow, we’re looking to come out of it stronger, with more versatile ways to play for you other than just the bar scene.  We’ll be seeing you soon-so be safe, don’t press your luck and keep an eye on this site and the facebook page for updates!